Coronavirus Safe Fitting Procedures

Fittings are the place where a Designer can really see their ideas come to life, and are crucial to the prototyping process. We sat down wit

Not Your Momma's History

Many people have been asking about and educating themselves on the history of Juneteeth recently. Historian and Educator Cheyney McKnight li

The Kelly Initiative

The fashion industry as a whole has historically been short-sighted when it comes to fair labor practices and equitable treatment of non-whi

A.R.M. and the Cost of Masks

We've talked a bit about our partnership with Artists' Resource Mobilization, but how do they work? With a stated mission of "c

An Open Letter

Each new day this year seems to bring an additional something to grieve, and the last week has made many emotions raw. And yet, so much of these emotions are not new. Black Lives Matter. It seems like a thing that should not need saying, and yet History bears witness to example after example of their fight to even stay alive. Too many are lost to that fight, and that is unacceptable. With heavy hearts, we support the protesters who take to the streets to give voice to their pain and to those they have lost. It’s just windows. It’s just bricks.... As long as we’re still breathing, we can rebuild Chicago from any fire. But you can’t “fix” dead. So, we are taking the time to acknowledge these v

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