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Quarantine Chic

What's your Quarantine Chic! Are you wearing your best track pants for the next two Zoom meetings? Or planning to dye your hair that brilliant peacock blue now that you're not restricted by workplace policies? It may be April Fool's Day, and our opinions are entirely serious. But that doesn't mean our wardrobes have to be!

We asked some AIBI members what kinds of changes living under quarantine is going to bring to our fashion lives? Dramatic I hope.

Kat: I think there will be a mix of functionally chic choices with bold touches - ¾ length, fitted sleeves which make it easier to wash your hands; decorative collar and neckline details, or groupings of chunky necklaces (a la Moira Rose) on top of plain tops to add interest during a video conference.

Xochil: “I think people will want to dress up more since we'll be so sick of wearing pajamas and athleisure by that point. People might be more into experimental style as well, mixing things together in new ways just to have fun.”

Hila: “[We] can't expect trends to be what we are used to. Anxieties stemming from the virus itself plus insecurity from sudden financial struggles are definitely changing the way we all spend our money… Maybe this all translates to DIY, homemade items, or people tricking out things they already own. Maybe people will only hold onto things that spark joy on a larger scale. Maybe we will step back from global marketplace at large and move towards more local, handmade items. Perhaps our children will value craft, rather than mass production. Maybe this lack of human contact will help us value real face time. Maybe we will all be nicer people.”

What about Fashion post-pandemic?

Kat: I think this is an opportunity to take a break from our automatic habits and ground down routines. Chaos like this, that forces restrictions, can also be a time to examine what we actually want our lives (and our wardrobes) to look like. We can’t go about and do everything so what ARE our priorities? Comfort? Ease? The ability to more clearly express who we are through the visual language of our clothing?

I wouldn’t be surprised if outfits become much more “extra” as we channel a desire to be more “seen” with the freedom of acting from the safety of our own homes.

Hila: “We are seeing a surge of… more meaningful, careful decisions about… product[s]. [Companies] moving towards eco-friendliness and organic... This is also mirrored from a consumer standpoint. Customers are looking into their closets and wondering why? What was the point of all of that consumption? Maybe they will demand more transparency and careful design from companies. This has obviously been a time for us all to finally stop, take a moment, and reflect on what we are doing and why. Also, why were we moving so fast?

We were once able to look at trends from a macro level with a million different viewpoints. It is now relegated to your own immediate network of people plus online marketing, which at this point seems so staged and distant from what we are all experiencing at home! This further… nourishes the influencer culture. Also, Shhh- Street style is taking a nap.”

All art by Hila Geller c.2020

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