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Challenge Yourself

Five Garments.

Five Looks, over Five Days.

It’s that easy to change the world.

The goal? To get people making mindful choices about what they wear… and what they’re buying. We hope to inspire people to better understand why they’re wearing what they do. We hope to help people choose carefully, locally, and invest in garments that don’t exploit people or continue to damage the planet.

And we would like to invite you to be a part of this.

In fact… I 5x5 Challenge you!

Over the next week, comb through your closets and take some time to plan your 'Outfit of the Day' for the five week days of Fashion Revolution Week (April 20-25). But not so fast! Can you do it using only 5 pieces? (Shoes and Accessories don't count.)

Let's make a sample plan:

Five Garments: Five Outfits:

1. Button-Up Shirt 1. Button-Up & Leggings (For video meetings at home.)

2. Jeans 2. Long-sleeve T & Jeans (For when you're a Rock Star.)

3. Sleeveless Tunic/Dress 3. Long-sleeve T & Leggings & Dress (For Casual Cool.)

4. Black Long-sleeve T-shirt 4. Button-Up & Jeans (For Business Casual.)

5. Black Leggings 5. Dress, by itself. (For #FormalFriday )

Most pieces can do dual duty, but make sure you've got enough of a mix to satisfy whatever situation your schedule demands.

Ready to go? Great!

Make sure you're following us on Instagram, as well as the hashtags #AIBI5x5Challenge to keep up with everyone's looks. Post and tag us to let us know you're in, and challenge your friends as well! Check in with your favorite local designers to see if they're taking the 5x5 Challenge too.

You can check back on the main Challenge page to read up on Fashion Revolution Week, connect up with other virtual events across the area, and read all the details.

Have a great weekend and don't forget...

Be well. Do Great

❤ Kat, Ambar, & the AIBI Team

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