5x5 Round-up!

April 24, 2020

What a way to end the week! We've seen so many fabulous outfits for our 5x5 Challenge that we wanted to round-up a few of them to share... 


In fact, we've been so inspired by you, AIBI and our Dream Team have put together a bit of a prize. Sunday, at noon Central Time, we'll hold a drawing of all the people who have posted pictures of your 5 outfits (and tagged it with #AIBI5x5Challenge)! You've got until Sunday to finish posting... 


(And no, the sewing machine isn't part of the prize... But there is an AIBI T-shirt, hoodie, zipper pouch, bottle gift bag, and a few other things!)

























Click through to check out all the outfits from our Dream Team, as well as everyone else under the hashtag #AIBI5x5Challenge:


@laurenleinfashiondesign  @fashionxochil  @activist_entrepreneur  @datgrrl

@varyformdesign  @alisonoenesdesign


@jennyheyside  @sustfashionprofessor  @tuesday.liketheday  @tedious_handcrafts  @annlanzi  @saraannjamison  @kristenp.costumes @nishaabiancaa/(@balodana)