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Thursday Style Section: Rebellion by Stephanie Wheat

Brand Name: Rebellion by Stephanie Wheat

Designer: Stephanie Wheat Website: Instagram: @rebellionbags

This week's edition of Thursday Style highlights Rebellion by Stephanie Wheat.

Stephanie’s motto is “Handmade with love in Chicago!”

Her line of luxury handbags is well known in our parts, and all around the country. She uses the highest quality materials to ensure quality and longevity. Each piece is carefully thought out and hand crafted by Stephanie herself.

While she wholesales to many small boutiques throughout the country, she has a core clientele whom she usually knows on a first name basis. I think this is what makes her pieces so special. She knows her customers and sets out to make the best product possible.

Fur is a highly debated topic, as is leather. But currently even high quality vegan leather is not as durable and long lasting as a high quality leather. Investing in a locally handcrafted piece made of carefully chosen materials is a good option for those concerned with sustainability.

Classic Staples

Stephanie has a variety of styles available year-round on her website and occasionally offers one-of-a-kind pieces which she highlights through her Instagram.

Now for the most important question... WHO DO YOU HANG WITH?

Stephanie categorizes her handbags as Urban Bohemian and would be right at home hanging next to Alice + Olivia, Free People, Kim Schalk, and fellow Chicago Designer, Ann Everett.

We curated a mix of items from Alice and Olivia, Free People, Kim Schalk, and Ann Everett, along with some of our favorite Rebellion Pieces.


Welcome to our Thursday Style Section! We feature Designers from the Greater Chicago Area every week. Nominate your favorite designer here.

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