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Making Video-meetings Work For You

Working from home is working well for many people. However, not all of us are used to being “on camera”.

In person meetings can demand a certain etiquette, from dress to grooming to greetings like shaking hands. Video meetings create a certain distance, but it’s still just as important to create a professional appearance.

So I’d like to share the top three tips I’ve learned from Center for Creative Entrepreneurship Director Saudia Davis.

[Make sure to catch their Friday CCE Industry Talks, streaming on YouTube. May 22nd centers on Female Filmmakers.]

Top Three Tips for looking your best on Screen

1. Let your backdrop be your branding

It seems pretty intuitive that you wouldn’t want clutter behind you, creating distractions from what’s going on in the meeting. So most people will position themselves in front of a blank wall. Instead, try adding a subtle visual framing with items that represent your personality and/or your business.

2. Focus your lighting behind your computer

We may not have many, “fancy”, options at home when it comes to lighting. Placing a lamp behind your laptop to focus light directly on you can be a quick and easy way to make sure that others can see you properly. If the light is too much and washing you out, try adding a piece of white paper or fabric as a screen in front of the lamp to diffuse it.

3. If you need something a little extra, try some “bounce”

Try using that same sheet of white paper placed in your lap (or on the table in front of you, but below the camera view). This can help “bounce” light back up to your face and prevent shadows if your lighting is very obviously coming from one direction, like overhead.

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