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Meet Your 5x5 Challenge "Dream Team"

Community means you don't have to go it alone. Even for something as seemingly simple as picking out an outfit. If you’re used to buying clothing based on how you feel about it when you see it or ordering something when you need a new pair of black jeans, you probably have a pretty good collection of random things that may or may not go together. 


This kind of shopping, however, often reinforces what’s known as “fast fashion”... high quantity manufacturing of low-quality clothing in a very short amount of time. Here today, in a landfill tomorrow.  


Working with just five pieces of clothing, to build five days of outfits, is probably going to feel strange. It may even be hard at first to figure out what to wear.


So we’ve called out for a “Dream Team” to help inspire and guide you this next week as we challenge ourselves to be more mindful about what we’re wearing. All of them are Fashion Professionals and  Industry Experts who know that mindfulness need never be “blah”.

Wild child feminist entrepreneur spreading ❤️ and trying to make the world a better place.

Founder of Work+Shelter.

Ethical Sourcing and Cut+Sew.

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Theresa Vandermeer, woman with flowing brown hair smiling at tea on a glass table.

Freelance Apparel Engineer • Mama • Analytic Creative
I 🖤 slow fashion + building ethical brands.

I help you make clothes!

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Xochil Herrera Scheer and Eva Scheer smiling at the camera wearing red shirts.
Lauren Lein in a mixed print outfit and beret smiling at a very large cupcake.

Creating women's fashions for nearly 30 years, and loves what I'm doing every day!

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Dana Todd wearing pink dangle earrings and top smiling between 2 body forms.

Founder and CEO of Balodana. 20+ Years as a Marketing Executive and Internet Technology Entrepreneur.

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 Empowering & Sophisticated Fashion 


Chicago Designer,

 @FGIchicago Fashion Group Internat’l Regional Co-Director

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Masha Titievski-DeHaan sitting between 2 dogs on a couch smiling and holding a fashion book.

Freelance patternmaker helping womens' fashion brands keep control of product development without having to deal with the technical details.

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Alison Hoenes, in a ponytail and red dress sitting sideways on a blue couch holding a laptop.
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