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Artists Resource Mobilization was started in March 2020 as a way to put uniquely skilled artists in the performing arts and entertainment sector back to work, while filling community needs wherever possible. 


Initially founded to make supplemental PPEs for communities in need, ARM plans to exist beyond this current crisis and find ways to support our community in an ongoing basis to be ready mobilize in times of urgent need. With the need for cloth masks and PPE lessened, ARM was "sunsetted" in May of 2022.


"We mobilize as our parents and grandparents did to respond to World War, the Great Depression, and other historic moments. We mobilize because the world needs artists to mobilize in times of crisis."

Viking sewing machine with pinned masks
2 masked healthcare workers in scrubs holding a bag of donated masks.
Artists' Resource Mobilization logo

Theatre technicians have broad talents and skills and have always been committed to serving the community’s civic and arts engagement.

As such ARM believes the Chicago artistic community is uniquely positioned, available, and anxious to be put to work responding to crises of all types.

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