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Five Garments. Five Looks, over Five Days. It’s that easy to change the world.

It’s easier than ever to buy new, cheap clothing. But the reality is that the garment industry still has one of the worst records when it comes to the treatment of the people working in it, as well as its overall effect on the environment. YOU can change that. 

Instead of ordering something new when you’re trying to figure out what to wear, challenge yourself to take another look in your closet and make a mindful, conscious decision. 


In fact… I 5x5 Challenge you!


Here’s the Deal:

In April, go through your closet and pick out 5 items to create a capsule wardrobe that you will wear over the course of 5 days. Specifically Monday, April 19th through Friday the 23rd, 2021, during Fashion Revolution Week. 

To enter the 5x5 Challenge Contest, 

  • Post all 5 days with your ‘Outfit of the Day’; tag with #FashionRevolution2021 AND #AIBI5x5Challenge 

  • Tag @aibichicago 

  • Follow @aibichicago on Instagram to get all the updates and special guest blog posts.

Contestants who meet the entry rules will be added to a prize drawing, with the winner being announced on Instagram on Sunday, April 25th, 2021.


Looking for an extra (just for fun) challenge? Try this:

  • Choose garments that are from a brand that is sustainable, ethically sourced, and/or fair wage focused. Tag them too.

  • Choose garments that are from a local small business or designer. Tag them too.

  • Tag friends with the phrase “I 5x5 Challenge you!” and see what fun looks they come up with!

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