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#3, #5, #6 - Juki 8700 Single Needle Straight Stitch

AIBI Machines #3, #5, and #6

The Juki 8700 is a single needle lock-stitch machine. It can handle many types of straight stitching for light to medium weight fabrics (and some minimal layers of heavy weight fabric).

The throat plates have marked grooves that indicate different seam widths for easy reference. The Juki 8700 also has a built in bobbin winder, located on the right hand side of the machine for easy access.

In our Fashion Lab, we have one Juki 8700’s set for woven and two for knit fabrics.

We only keep black and white thread on hand, so you will want to bring your own matching thread cone(s). You will want to buy your own bobbins for your matching thread as well. If you need one, you can purchase it from the AIBI shop. If you need more than three, talk to the monitor about placing an order.

Check out our newest video, which includes threading info!


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