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Fashion in Flux - Runway Runaway?


This last year has been a ‘game changer’ for the fashion industry in a lot of ways. So we want to know… “What are the next steps when Fashion is in Flux?”

Runway Runaway?

Thursday, January 27, 2021

12:00 PM Central

The cost of runway shows, without clear link to sales, was already a concern even before a pandemic made large gatherings out of the question. What avenues are Designers exploring to be able to express the bigger design picture of their creations? Where does the artistry of the Runway fit?


Brian Hill

Brian works directly with 100's of emerging designers each season as the Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week. Brian is also the host of fast growing podcast, Fashion Rewired focused on the 'Business of Fashion,' reaching over 100,000 listeners.

Brian has more than 15 years experience in the fashion industry, where he began as a t-shirt designer. Soon after, launching his own women's fitness apparel brand on the campus of Arizona State University. Brian's "tell-it-like-it-is" common-sense approach to strategically building fashion brands from the ground up, for fast growth, long-term success, and teaching these effective principles to driven fashion-preneurs globally, is what drives him today.

Arabel Alva Rosales

Arabel Alva Rosales is the President and CEO of AAR Tech, with over 17 years as a successful Management and Technology Firm. She is Vice Chairman on the CTA board of Directors and serves on several other boards, including the IHCC, WBDC, and the City Club of Chicago.

Arabel is the founder and producer of RUNWAY LATINx, a multi-day branded entertainment environment providing opportunities for those in the fashion industry. RLX is also a platform of fashion, beauty and lifestyle presented through digital events. Arabel is formerly the co-founder of the Latino Fashion Week® and the proud founder of Pivoting in Heels, a digital NFP dedicated to empowering women.

Tracey Tarantino

Tracey Tarantino is a familiar name to fashionistas, bloggers, and trendsetters across the country. Synonymous with fashion, Tracey’s fast-paced, cutting edge and sophisticated productions serve a notable array of corporate and philanthropic clients. Each is carefully curated, bringing the latest styles into sharp focus with trademark touches.

You may find her working side by side with designers to finalize their collections before the next season or working behind the a/v table mixing music. And, right before the show, she’s likely reviewing lighting queues and video shorts. Her goal is simple and straightforward: another perfect Zzazz Productions show.


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