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It's (almost) Fashion Revolution Time!

If your life is starting to feel like it’s descending into chaos… maybe it’s time for a Revolution?

Five Garments. Five Looks, over Five Days. It’s that easy to change the world.

No need for pitchforks just yet. But you CAN start at home, with your own closet. This April brings with it Fashion Revolution Week, and the 7th anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse that took 1,134 lives and left thousands more injured. Some things have changed, but not enough.

It’s easier than ever to buy new, cheap clothing. But the reality is that the garment industry still has one of the worst records when it comes to the treatment of the people working in it, as well as its overall effect on the environment. YOU can change that.

Instead of ordering something new when you’re trying to figure out what to wear, challenge yourself to take another look in your closet and make a mindful, conscious decision.

In fact… I 5x5 Challenge you!

More details will be coming soon (Fashion Revolution Week is April 20th - 26th), but in the meantime feel free to dive into how Fashion Revolution Week started, and what it means to be conscious of your closet.

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