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Introducing: Thursday Style Section

We're super excited to finally get to tell you this piece of news... AIBI is launching a new series called ‘Thursday Style Section’. Each week we'll shine a spotlight on a local designer and ask the quintessential question “Who do you hang with?”

As a Designer, you should always ask yourself how would your clothing would be styled... on your customers, in editorials... how would they be styled in a brick and mortar store? What other brands would you be grouped with? What kinds of boutiques will you attract?

What other brands will your clients wear your pieces with?

While we may want to stand out and be considered different than any other brand, it is highly unlikely that customers will wear one brand 100% of the time. Knowing what a brand mixes with makes it easier for customers to see which brands to buy again and again.

Basically, we want to help designers and future customers develop a personal connection and visualize how Local Fashion already fits into their personal style. That you “hang” together, even if you don’t know it yet.

Over the next week we'll drop a couple clues on our Instagram as to who our first designer spotlight is... So keep your eyes peeled and your heads up.

We'll catch you next week.

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