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LOVE STORY: A Fashion Revolution Challenge

We love fashion. We love how clothes can make us feel, and how they can represent how we feel about ourselves. They’re our message to the world about who we are.

Our clothes say a lot about us, but we don’t know all that much about our clothes. It takes a lot to make a garment.

Not just the bits we hear about – the designers, the brands, the shops, the catwalk shows and the parties – but also the cotton farmers, the ginners, spinners, weavers, dyers, sewers and other factory workers who make the clothes we love. But the people who make our clothes are hidden. And if we don’t know know who makes our clothes, we can’t be sure that they were made in a fair, clean and safe way. That’s why we’re asking brands #whomademyclothes.

We want to know that the clothes we buy don’t come at the cost of people or the planet. Right now, manufacturing clothes uses up massive amounts of water, energy and land. And sadly, so much of our clothing ends up in landfill. In fact, in the USA, about 11 million tons of it ends up in landfill. And about 95% of that could have been recycled or upcycled. We need to find new ways to make the clothes we love, without it costing the earth. The average British woman hoards £285 of clothes they will never wear, the equivalent of 22 outfits each that are left hanging in valuable wardrobe space, or, £30 billion of unworn clothes. That’s a lot of unloved clothing.

We need to buy less and buy better. Join us by taking a stand against disposable fashion, impulse buys and fast fashion fixes. Let’s take it slow. Commit to a long-term relationship with your clothes. Wear things more than 30 times, and cherish each piece. The more we love our clothes, the more we care for them, and the longer they last. We are asking fashion lovers from all over the world to join the fashion revolution and create a love story.

Share your love story on social media during Fashion Revolution Week, April 18-24, 2022. Encourage your audience to make their own love story, and be part of the Fashion Revolution movement.


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Unknown member
Apr 15, 2022

What a wonderful idea! 🤨❤️The Fashion Revolution! It is encouraging to express the idea of loving our garments. ❤️Loving them from the beginning to the end and not letting the end of that love affair be so quick to come, by throwing them away, but instead by making that love affair last by taking care of that item, finding multiple ways to wear that item, and appreciating it! It also will encourage designers to make clothing that will last and be sustainable , and not just be ready to die after just a couple of washes or uses. So much warm and wonderful encouragement all the way around is EXCELLENT for the garment industry.❤️🥰


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