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How to access your free Member Passes

We've streamlined the process for accessing the free Day Passes that come with your AIBI Membership!

Step 1: Make sure you are signed into the AIBI website and click on the "AIBI Members Only" option of the Membership drop down menu.

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Book Time in the Fashion Lab" section and click on the "Book Now" button of the "Member Day Pass" option.

Step 3: Choose an available date and click on "Next".

Step 4: Fill out your Name and Phone Number, and then make sure that the "Individual Member" plan option is marked to redeem one of your free Passes. Then click on "Book Now" to complete your order.

You can also check how many Free Passes you have left, in the Payment Details section.

Have any questions? Check our F.A.Q. page. Or email!


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