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Our Neighbors in the Fashion & Apparel Industry

AIBI is proud to help build and maintain community here in Chicago, so we wanted to make a little space for our colleagues at the Make City Business Incubator!

Apparel Neighbors within ICNC Make City:

Chelsey Carter-Sanders


Unisex modern luxury brand, providing everyday pieces for not-so-everyday people.

Meilin Schneider


DIGIT Patterns seeks to assist growing apparel businesses and emerging designers by offering digital pattern-making services, step-by-step pre-production management consulting, and local micro-batch production solutions.

Visit Digit Pattern Services virtually with our AIBI VISITS tour!

Locale is rooted in Chicago as a creative arm and resource for concept, design, printing, and production with all design and printing done in-house. Offers screen printing and single-color embroidery.

Maribel Melanson

Dedicated professional services provided for apparel and product development including: pattern making, sourcing, tech packs and flats, grading, digitizing, markers and samples.

Anastasia Chatzka

Fashion Designer, Pattern maker, Sewing Educator, Husqvarna Viking & Laurastar Ambassador & Youtuber!

Sarah Varca

Demi-couture for the badass bride. All Varca gowns are handmade in the USA by talented people paid a living wage.


Apparel Adjacent Neighbors at ICNC:

Ethically sourced and commercially cleaned cloth diapers, with various diaper styles to choose from and home delivery.

People- and planet-friendly cleaning products made with non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging - including laundry powder detergent, bleach alternative, and a stain-removing soap stick.


Non-ICNC Make City Neighbors:

Anna Hovet

HØVET Fashion Studio is a female-owned creative workspace that provides accessible support for fashion designers of all levels through private classes, workshops, and consulting.

Visit Hovet Fashion Studio virtually with our AIBI VISITS tour!


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