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Embrace Eco-Fashion this Swaptober: Chicagoland's Clothing Swap Extravaganza

October has taken on a new meaning in Chicagoland, where eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts are coming together for a wave of clothing swaps lovingly dubbed Swaptober by Kristen P Ahern, founder of Conscious Costume. In a world where sustainability meets style, these events are transforming the way we think about fashion, one swapped garment at a time.

The Swaptober Spirit:

Swaptober embodies the spirit of community, sustainability, and fashion-forward thinking. It's a celebration of conscious consumerism, where individuals can refresh their wardrobes without a shred of guilt. With a focus on reducing fashion waste and promoting the reuse of clothing, Swaptober events are both eco-friendly and economically savvy.

Why Swap?

Swapping clothing isn't just about acquiring new pieces; it's a lifestyle choice that significantly reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By participating in swaps, individuals contribute to the reduction of textile waste, lower their carbon footprint, and promote the circular fashion economy. It's a win-win situation where fashion meets environmental responsibility.

Beyond Fashion:

Swaptober events go beyond just swapping clothes. They foster connections, inspire creativity, and encourage conversations about sustainable living. Participants leave not only with new additions to their wardrobe but also with a sense of fulfillment, knowing they've made a positive impact on the planet.

How to Participate:

Participating in Swaptober events is easy and rewarding. Attendees are encouraged to bring gently used, clean clothing items they no longer wear. These items are then sorted, displayed, and ready to be swapped for something fresh and exciting. It's a treasure hunt where everyone finds something unique, fostering a sense of shared joy and sustainability. Interested in Volunteering? Click through the events below for opportunities to contribute to the upcoming swaps.

The Swaptober Lineup:

Swaptober in Chicagoland is a celebration of eco-conscious fashion, where various organizations and communities have hosted exciting clothing swap events. From nonprofits to community and friends' groups, these swaps have catered to diverse fashion tastes and preferences, offering high-quality pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories just waiting to find new homes.

While some of these fantastic events have already taken place, there are still upcoming opportunities to participate. So mark your calendars for the remaining events, Chicagoland – let’s swap our way to a more sustainable, stylish, and eco-conscious future. Happy Swaptober!

October 18:

Have you ever wanted to be featured in the BEST before and after photos? Let’s promote sustainable fashion practices by joining us in our clothing swap event to refresh one's wardrobe and reduce clothing waste. Put the spotlight on you for a chance to win a free HydraFacial series and 100 units of NEWTOX that are guaranteed to keep you glowing.

October 20 - 21:

The CGTA and Conscious Costume are excited to return to Steppenwolf on October 20 & 21 for another round of fun, free costumes, fabulous friends, and freeing your household and theatre textiles.

October 20 - 22:

Our spring swap was such a huge hit, we are doing it again! Join Chicago Fair Trade and our Conscious Closet Club for a weekend-long clothing swap. This swap is part of Chicago Fair Fashion Week and is for swappers of all ages, sizes, and genders.

Are you hosting a swap? Let us know by emailing


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