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Welcome to the new Fashion Lab!

While it hasn’t been a secret that AIBI has moved from our Pilsen location, the pandemic this Spring did add a bit of a wrench when it comes to sharing our new space with you. There’s been a few pictures here and there, but we had hoped to show things off in person.

We’ve been able to get a few people in to use the space in July, and we’re so very happy to announce that the new, improved, AIBI Fashion Lab is open!

Since we’re not able to hold an in person party, take a look at the new AIBI Fashion Lab page for more details on available resources, including make and model of the industrial sewing machines available.

Not only that, but we’ve upgraded the website as well. New members* can sign up with the online portal easily. And take a look at our new booking system that allows you to log in and schedule your day passes, or upgrade to a Monthly... All online!

*(If you are a 2019 or 2020 member you received an email from Wix. If you have not seen this in your inbox please check your spam folder. Follow the instructions to activate your account.)

And make sure to keep your eyes open for our upcoming Virtual Tour!


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