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Exploring Virtual Markets

Staying inside right now also means that upcoming events and markets have been cancelled for both safety and logistical reasons. But for the Designer Entrepreneurs that use markets as a way to connect with their customers directly, their loss leaves a vacuum that online sales may not yet fill. We are nothing if not resilient and creative, and two Virtual Markets have already stepped up to test the waters.

“In honor of Fashion Revolution Week, we are promoting brand transparency by opening up studios and shining a light on local emerging designers and ethical brands, celebrating the people and processes behind fashion and accessories collections. Join us as we gather videos and behind the scenes tours to see what it takes to produce the garments we love and wear."

Make sure to Register HERE to be sent updates on all the goings on. Tickets are Free, but all donations go to the LA Garment Worker Center’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

The applications are already closed for vendors at Renegade Crafts’ first ever Virtual Fair on April 24-25. But there’s still plenty of time to check out the set-up (it may be the first, but let’s hope it’s not the last). Besides, it’s always fun to shop… A Virtual Fair really gives the opportunity to take a look at brands that may not be located near by, and Renegade seems really open to just about anything brands can cook up online. Sounds like the perfect carnival atmosphere to celebrate creativity.

UPDATE: One of a Kind Chicago just announced a Virtual Showcase of all their Spring Show vendors (the Spring show was cancelled to protect the community from Covid-19).

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