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Thursday Style Section: Varyform

Designer Name: Masha Titievsky DeHaan Brand Name: VARYFORM Website: Instagram: @varyformdesign

VARYFORM is a contemporary womenswear line designed and produced in Chicago, IL. The name is derived from the Vary Form Curve Rule, a contoured fashion pattern drafting tool that gets steeper gradually. VARYFORM expresses change over time and the transformative nature of clothing. VARYFORM design is strongly influenced by natural phenomena such as plant growth patterns, wave movement, the structure of crystals, and the reflective surfaces of water and glass. Masha's designs transform these natural elements into special staples with a sense of glamour and sophistication.

“For driven women who are showing up for themselves every day, VARYFORM provides stand-out staple pieces with high style & flair because women should look as fabulous as they want to feel."

Pre-Sale for Spring/Summer Collection will launch on May 1, 2020 on Nineteenth Amendment

Now for the most important question... WHO DO YOU HANG WITH?

VARYFORM can be styled with a mix of designer & advanced contemporary brands with a sophisticated & form-flattering aesthetic: Emilia Wickstead, Cinq à Sept, Delpozo, and Veronica Beard to name a few.

It's no surprise that owning just 1 VARYFORM piece (try picking just one!) can elevate your look. Each item is crafted to the highest standards and has a timeless elegance. We put together a dream capsule wardrobe featuring a few VARYFORM pieces currently available at Nineteenth Amendment.

Year Round Capsule Collection


Welcome to our Thursday Style Section! We feature Designers from the Greater Chicago Area every week. Nominate your favorite designer here.

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