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Thursday Style Section: Ann Everett

Brand Name: Ann Everett Designs

Designer: Ann Everett Website: Instagram: @anneverettfashiondesigns

This week's edition of Thursday Style highlights Ann Everett Designs.

Ann Everett was born in Tipperary, Ireland, a lush start to her globe trotting life. Now she calls Chicago her home and business headquarters.

Ann didn't start out to become a designer. Her frustration with a lack of truly original pieces birthed a passionately clear vision. She first worked with many a seamstress to stitch the looks she conceptualized for herself. People on the street would literally buy the resulting designs right off her back! So in early 2012, Ann Everett Fashion Designs was born.

Although not formally trained in design, she perseveres through sheer vision, instinct, and determination. Ann derives inspiration from luxurious fabrics, the winter landscapes of her birthplace, and the architecture of Chicago, the place she now calls home. Every piece embodies luxury and intelligence, with a touch of Ann's humor.

Ann Everett has a strong and dedicated following in Chicago. She shows yearly at both the holiday and Spring One of a Kind Chicago, Randolph Street Market, and Style Chicago just to name a few. She is known for her fabulous, invite-only trunk shows hosted by various socialites in Chicago and beyond. Her customers know that pieces they get from Ann are unique, well crafted, and will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Classic Staples

Such one of a kind pieces aren't available on any website, but you can keep up with new creations on her Instagram, then contact her team to place orders.

Now for the most important question... WHO DO YOU HANG WITH?

Ann describes her brand's aesthetic as functional, effortless, and androgynous. She focuses on fine details, textures, and uses high quality wool, silk, and linen for most of her pieces. This aligns with brands like Tom Ford, The Row, Ralph Lauren, and Brunello Cucinelli.

We curated a capsule collection with pieces from Ann Everett, mixing in some Tom Ford, The Row, Ralph Lauren, and Brunello Cucinelli. The fabrics are light enough for Spring/summer, but can easily be worn all year round with an added layer...


Welcome to our Thursday Style Section! We feature Designers from the Greater Chicago Area every week. Nominate your favorite designer here.

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