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Thursday Style Section: Model Atelier

Brand Name: Model Atelier

Designer: Robin Harris Website: Instagram: @modelatelier

Thursday Style is back! To kick things off we're highlighting Model Atelier.

Robin Harris started Model Atelier in 2014 after a lifelong frustration of not finding fashion forward clothing for her tall frame. Model Atelier celebrates tall women and designs modern clothing to fit their individual lifestyle. Their mission is to deliver beautiful handcrafted designs for the tall and modern woman.

Robin works with local manufacturers to bring her designs to life. This allows for easier customization of pieces. You can be sure your pants will be proper length when shopping on the website by entering your inseam when you order.


These are some highlights of the Model Atelier 2019 Holiday Collection from our 2019 REV UP CHICAGO Runway. - Photos by Mila Somakhina

Now for the most important question... WHO DO YOU HANG WITH?

Robin describes her brand's aesthetic as luxe, sleek and timeless. She focuses on clean lines and fine details for her pieces. This aligns with brands like Cushnie, Michael Kors, and Zara.

We curated a capsule collection with current pieces from Model Atelier, with her aligned brands mixed in. These staples can easily be worn all year round and when wearing the Model Atelier mask tops you can adhere to safety procedures with flair through the end of this pandemic.

From Left to Right:


In addition to her label, Robin wanted to have a bigger impact on youth in areas like North Lawndale, where she was born. So she founded the Confidence Foundation in 2018. "[Our] mission is to help propel these youth and young adults to change their narratives by becoming an example of successful outcomes when positivity meets talent. Our focus is to do that by encouraging youth to continue their passion in or consider science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and math (S.T.E.E.M.) related fields. We’ve added entrepreneurship to S.T.E.M. because we value the power of exposure to opportunities of being a business owner or self-employed and the lasting affects that can have on a family’s generations to come." If you are interested in supporting their mission you can donate here.


Welcome to our Thursday Style Section! We feature Designers from the Greater Chicago Area every week. Nominate your favorite designer here.

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