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A.R.M. and the Cost of Masks

We've talked a bit about our partnership with Artists' Resource Mobilization, but how does that work? With a stated mission of "creating fairly paid work for our skilled stitchers", how do they actually measure up? Here's a recent breakdown from ARM, of where the money from each mask sold in their Etsy shop goes:

If you’ve been following Artists’ Resource Mobilization for at least the last couple weeks, you’ll have seen our Infographics showcasing where your money goes when you purchase one of our Fitted Masks. But what does that pie chart actually mean?

Let’s break it down.

Of the $10* cost of a Fitted Mask with nose shaping, the largest percentage by far (57.5%) goes to the people making it happen. Literally. This includes the person who cuts the pieces out of the fabric, the person who stitches them together, and the person who has to drive for materials and pick up the finished masks, etc. As an organization founded to help Theater Artisans have work and resources, especially in times of need, it was very important to us to make sure that each person is able to receive a living wage...

Read the full blog post HERE.

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