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Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

Of all the scary news filtering in from all over, I am also incredibly heartened to hear of the mutual aid groups forming all over. Though it should not come as any surprise. Humanity has long established its aptitude for compassion and caring.

However… If you have questions, if you need help, please just ask!

Worried about bill payments? Rent/Mortgage? Call your provider and ask what can be done. (And make sure to mention that you’re being affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, as the reason.) And then document what information you received, and what actions are being taken.

Foreclosures, evictions, and utility cutoffs are being suspended, so you’re likely not in immediate danger. But being proactive now (as much as your current sanity levels allow) can mean not missing out on needed paperwork or filing deadlines later. Keep current on your bills, or it could be used as a loophole against you later. You need to create a plan with your mortgage lenders and service providers now.

To keep things running smoothly through the near future, the City of Chicago has announced a $100 million Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund. Applications will not be accepted until March 31st, but you can get things started by filling out their interest survey:

For additional help, with emergency cash flow and other things, we’re putting together a running list of potential resources:

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