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Thursday Style Section: Majamas Earth

Brand Name: Majamas Earth

Designer: Germaine Caprio Website: Instagram: @majamas_earth

This week's edition of Thursday Style highlights Majamas Earth. In light of the current state of affairs, this brand is more significant than ever:

- It's insanely comfortable, some pieces can be described as "Wearing a hug"

- Every piece is Zoom call ready, no one would know you were wearing glorified pajamas

- It's ethical and sustainable

Majamas Earth is a long loved Chicago company. They specialize in sustainable, Ethically & USA Made Clothing Collections for Women, Men, Maternity & Baby. Germaine started the company after designing a maternity top that was presentable enough for her to wear to work, easy enough to feed baby discreetly, durable and ethically made. He first order was with the one and only Nordstrom! From there the collection grew to other maternity basics, and eventually expanded to include the whole family.

Sure, you could buy a less expensive bra or a cheaper pair of pajamas but at MAJAMAS EARTH they choose to operate the responsible way, not the cheapest way. Once you wear their clothes, you’ll realize it really is possible to create sustainable style that is whimsical, super comfortable and less harmful to our planet.

Spring/Summer Staples

The 2020 Spring/Summer Collection launched in January. The fall/winter collection is currenlty delayed, but their staple pieces are in stock year round.

Now for the most important question... WHO DO YOU HANG WITH?

Majamas Earth's biggest retailer is Whole Food's Markets where they hang with Synergy, LA Relaxed and Prana.

We curated a year round capsule collection using a mix of items from Majamas Earth, Synergy, LA Relaxed, and Prana. Pieces are linked below.

Spring/Summer Capsule Collection


Welcome to our Thursday Style Section! We feature Designers from the Greater Chicago Area every week. Nominate your favorite designer here.

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