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Sustainability & Secondhand

Since we’ve been talking so much about how sustainable shopping secondhand is, we thought we’d bring you a starter list of some of the options around town.

Level 1: Your friendly neighborhood thrift store

Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Village Discount Outlet, The Brown Elephant… Different areas will have different options, but they tend to operate similarly. Usually owned and operated by a charity or religious groups, their main focus is to raise money for the non-profit that runs it.

PROS: Because their stock comes from donations, they often have a LOT of it. Prices are often kept low, which makes it the most accessible shopping option.

CONS: Even among the same ‘name brand’ thrift stores the quality will vary by location. So it will take much more time and leg work on your part to uncover the gems.

BONUS: You can sometimes find new-with-tags or vintage clothes for really good prices.

Level 2: Curated Secondhand

If you’re looking for a more curated selection, it’s best to go straight to a consignment shop. You can find some locally owned, but there are also a few larger chains. These shops will actually buy or issue store credit for pieces that are brought in, which means you can not only give your old clothes a new life but save some money in the process. With the Stay-in-Place, it’s best to take them up on their mail-in exchange, online shopping, or curbside pick-up.

Level 3: Curated Vintage

Many consignment shops will have a vintage section, but if you’re looking for the “good stuff” it’s best to go straight to the experts. Many vintage store owners have honed their eye, and knowledge of clothing, in the racks and travel all over to bring you the best pieces. You can even find jewelry, accessories, and household items.

Bonus? Many have been listing their wares on Instagram, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

This one deserves a bit of a special mention. Not everything is destined for the racks. So if you’re looking for a rare bird, an auction house is your new best friend. Hindman scooped up former museum curator Timothy Long last year as their Director of Couture, and their team has definitely been bringing in a good range from an antique 1880’s bustle dress to Hermes scarves to 90s bling. (Don’t miss their upcoming Jewelry Auction!)

Leve 4: Online

Even before most storefronts closed due to Covid-19, online consignment and vintage stores were already bringing you the widest range of secondhand options (like the OG, Ebay). Better yet? The search function lets you narrow things down so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Bonus Round: Writer, Actor, and Producer Dan Levy had a hand in shopping for his hit show 'Schitt's Creek'... Here's his list of online stomping grounds:

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