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Join the AIBI Board of Directors!

February 2023 starts a new year for the AIBI Board of Directors and we're looking to add a few new hands into the mix!

Are you interested in helping shape the apparel industry in Chicago?

While there are hundreds of designers and brands locally, the local infrastructure that supports garment production is still growing. The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. is calling for nominees of potential board members for 2023 who are looking to help:

  • shape an ethical and skilled labor force,

  • educate on the unique business needs of fashion entrepreneurs, and

  • build a robust, supportive and inclusive community of workers, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Download the position details HERE

Call for AIBI Board Members
Download PDF • 392KB

The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI) has a 35 year history dedicated to the needs of the sewn products industry - the only official organization in Illinois of its kind! AIBI is comprised of the major players in Greater Chicago whose careers and business expertise span all facets of the industry including design, manufacturing, merchandising, sales, retail, marketing and finance. AIBI is here to nurture and support designers based in Greater Chicago and is constantly developing new programs to better serve and promote the industry as a whole.

Our Board members use their experience and leadership skills to guide and strengthen both AIBI and the wider apparel industry.

Fill out an application HERE . All applications are due at midnight on Monday, January 9th, 2023.


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