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What can you do with a pile of scraps?

Think the Fashion Lab might not be for you, because you're not a "Designer"? Not sure that you want to stitch a whole garment, or where to start your "sustainable" clothing journey? Fear not! Every little bit helps. By mending your clothes and making things from materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, you're exercising principles of economic, social and environmental justice! And that's a big deal...

Guest artist, Kristine Brandel, has even put together some resources to get you inspired!

1. Twist your fabric pieces into yarn.

2. Use your upcycled yarn to remake a chair.

3. Do some visible mending.

4. Upcycle your garments/thrift store finds.

5. Crochet, braid or weave a rug.

6. Make a rag rug.

7. Stitch a scrap quilt.

8. ...Make 100 more things!


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