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Our New Space

We announced earlier this month that AIBI will be moving to a new location in the coming weeks. While this is still happening, our timeline has been slightly adjusted due to the Covid-19 Stay in Place Order. Our original opening day was Tuesday, April 14th, with our first event being the April Saturday Sew-cial on April 18th. It now seems we will not reopen until May 1st.

Even with these setbacks, we are so excited about this new chapter in AIBI’s story. We will be sharing this amazing new space with our new Community Partners: 2112 Chicago and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship. This means more networking events, more educational seminars, and more workshops! Our calendar will be updated on April 1st. Until then, enjoy these updates from our Workshop beautification Process:

We had the privilege to work with a local artist to create a sign for our new space.

Our new space is roughly 1300 sq ft, this is significantly larger than our current space. We have settled on a layout for now and look forward to implementing it in the next few weeks.

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